Welcome to MCC Brighton.


A Christ inspired community that celebrates diversity and embraces relational faith.

Relational Faith:

Faith that relates to the world around us with Love, Acceptance and Openness. Respecting all people, animals and nature as part of God’s diverse creation.


  • To meet people where THEY are.

  • To broaden expectations of Christianity and Christians by proclaiming full inclusion with no priorities.

  • To fight exclusion and isolation through volunteering and community works.

  • To make our meetings fun, lively and relevant to people of all faith journeys (and none).



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Easter period theme



Our theme for the next five weeks is "Doing things differently". We will be exploring this in a number of different ways, in our services, in our mid-week group (soon to be available virtually for those who can't be with us physically) and in our contact with the community.


We have expanded our volunteering to work more closely in partnership with One Church in their various programmes, alongside our continuing close relationships with Lunch Positive and THT.  In doing so we have, as we have said we would, reached out to support a different segment of the community. We as a church do not just talk about our vision, or discuss what we would like to be, we are living it, we are actively stepping up to make a difference in the community and in doing so we are sharing what it means to be MCC Brighton with those around us.


So, come and meet us, find out more about us and see how we "walk the walk".





Virtual Midweek Group hits the ground running.

Visit our facebook page for more details. Just click on the facebook cube (left hand column).

What's Happening!

17-04-2015 - Lunch Positive 1pm, Dorset Gardens


17-04-2015 - Kings Club, One Church 5:45pm


19-04-2015 - Worship, 6pm at URC Portslade


21-04-2015 - Mid-week Group in Bevendean.



24-04-2015 - Lunch Positive 1pm, Dorset Gardens


24-04-2105 - Kings Club, One Church 5:45pm


26-04-2015 - Board Meeting at 4pm inthe church hall,all welcome then Worship service 6pm, Portslade URC




We are located at:

Portslade United Reformed Church
St. Aubyns Road
BN41 1AB


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If you have any queries please contact us:



We meet for Worship every Sunday from 6pm to 7pm atThe URC Church in Portslade.


We are often in the back hall prior to worship for conversation, socialising and discussions. Please feel free to join us from 5:15pm onwards and do stay for refreshments after the service.

Get social with us.

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