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In the Moment


This picture really grabbed me when i found it. I was looking for a picture to slot in before a song in the Sunday Worship powerpoint and i saw this. That is so me. I love sitting on a hill or a wall and just looking out over nothing in particular.


The message though is very important and i didnt really think about it until i was clearing my desktop and slotting old images into folders. "Find God's purpose in your present circumstances". Not easy that's for sure, but worth a try. Even if you don't quite get there just looking at the moment, the situation you are in from this perspective can reveal some surprising results. Maybe even some positives in a difficult situation. 


None of us know what God's plan is for us, we sometimes get a hint, a signpost, a little peek at what's ahead but the overall strategy is a mystery and when times are hard it becomes even more difficult to see God in our lives at all. But if we stop, just sit, open ourselves to the possibility that there is an end game here, that in fact this too will pass, then we can not only deal with things better, we can begin to see that there is a structure to it all, a pattern, a purpose and in doing so we see a little bit more of God's plan for our lives and maybe, if we are lucky, we move a little bit closer to God.


So, I am going to try and see God's purpose in the moment, to see God's hand upon my life and discern those signals, signposts and hints and give it my best shot at finding GOD'S PURPOSE IN MY PRESENT CIRCUMSTANCES.


Andrew Ramage


Coming up


There is a visioning/planning afternoon on 14th May from 3-6pm followed by a meal. This is a chance to talk about the future of the church and everyine is welcome to come and be a part of the conversation.


We have The Big Church Day Out, a great festival of music and prayer, coming up over the lateMay bank Holiday weekend.


We will be hosting a Spiritual Spa day from 3-6pm on 11th June. As our first one was such a success we thought we would offer others the chance to enjoy this experience.



Then in August (5-7th) we have the Brighton Pride weekend. During which we will be marching in the parade, hopefully joined by other MCCs.



General conference 2016


General Conference XXVI

General Conference 2016 will be held 4 July – 8 July 2016 at the Fairmont Empress hotel, 721 Government Street,
Victoria, British Columbia, Canada, V8W 1W5 . 


Hotel reservation and conference registration details are  available HERE. We hope you will
mark your calendars and plan to be with us!

What's Happening!

03/04/05-05-2016 - OFFICE HOURS 10-2 at The Emporium.


05-05-16 - Bible Cafe, 7pm at the Emporium.


06-05-2016 - Lunch Positive, 1230pm at Dorset Gardens Methodist Church.


08-05-2016 - Worship, 6pm at Brighthelm.


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