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A Christ inspired community that celebrates diversity and embraces relational faith.

Relational Faith:

Faith that relates to the world around us with Love, Acceptance and Openness. Respecting all people, animals and nature as part of God’s diverse creation.


  • To meet people where THEY are.

  • To broaden expectations of Christianity and Christians by proclaiming full inclusion with no priorities.

  • To fight exclusion and isolation through volunteering and community works.

  • To make our meetings fun, lively and relevant to people of all faith journeys (and none).



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Recently we had a problem with our sermons page. This has now been rectified and all sermons are available to view. enjoy!



The Network Gathering took place over the weekend (14-16th August) at The Ammerdown Centre in Somerset.

There were people from Germany, Finland, Sweden, Netherlands, Italy, Spain, UK, USA. An incredible weekend of networking, workshops and worship but most of all Joy. So great to hear the stories from around the network, who is doing what, where and how, but also to share experiences, knowledge and dreams.


The worship took several forms with a silent communion on one accasion by Mike Holroyd, prayer stations as well as a cobbled together, enthusiastic and suprisingly tuneful choir. Mike played the music for each of the worship services and threw in a spirited rendition of Money, Money, Money when the offering was announced. It was, at times, fun and lively and at other times more peaceful and reflective but always full of spirit and joy.

A huge thank you to Mia Briggs as worship co-ordinator and all those who took part to make it happen.


The Ammerdown Centre is a lovely venue, with a number of different rooms, access to beautiful gardens, a pool, a bar (essential) and a Chapel that everyone said felt like home, which considering the mix of cultures present is no mean feat. A big shout out and thanks to the staff especially John for his witty briefings and incredible patience (sorely tested at times).


It was an incredible weekend and we are looking forward to the next gathering, which will be in 2017 (due to general conference in 2016) in Stuttgart. Everyone was overjoyed to hear it will be in the same place as the 2014 gathering, which was set in a lovely rural setting just outside of Stuttgart.







Session 1 of our preaching course has arrived! Tuesday 18th August at 730pm in bevendean. In this session we will be looking at BIBLE BASICS! Who wrote the Bible? When? How did it all come together? How do we read it?


We all need to look at the basics from time to time and this is a session that will be interesting and useful for everyone, not just those who are looking to preach.


Come along and join the discussion.


Want to know more? Email info@mccbrighton.org.uk

General conference 2016


General Conference XXVI

General Conference 2016 will be held 4 July – 8 July 2016 at the Fairmont Empress hotel, 721 Government Street,
Victoria, British Columbia, Canada, V8W 1W5 . 


Hotel reservation and conference registration details are  available HERE. We hope you will
mark your calendars and plan to be with us!


What's Happening!

18-08-2015 - Preaching Course, session 1, 730pm in Bevendean.


19-08-2015 - Day trip with One Church's Dorothy Stringer Lunch club.


21-08-2015 - Lunch Positive, 1pm at Dorset Gardens.


23-08-2015 - Worship at 6pm in The Hanover Room, Brighthelm.



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We meet for Worship every Sunday from 6pm to 7pm in The Hanover Room of The Brighthelm Centre, Brighton..


We are often in the room prior to worship for conversation, socialising and discussions. Please feel free to join us from 5:15pm onwards and do stay for refreshments after the service.

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