Metropolitan Community Church Brighton


There will be no service at the Portslade URC on 27th July.
Our Pride service will be at the Brighthelm Center instead.
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    I’m cheating this week. This is the piece I wrote for G-Scene this month. You can get copies in Brighton venues or read it on line, but I’ve reproduced it for you’re here. I’m so looking forward to Sunday’s Pride service at the Brighthelm centre but I’m also very nervous. Stepping into the world at large to celebrate a Pride service on secular ground is a bit like trying to bring together oil and water. It’s amazing how much a person will say that they celebrate diversity, accept others as they are, and then swiftly back away when two worlds collide.


    It’s scary, I accept that, and I still think it’s worth taking the risk. Pride is an opportunity to celebrate with the community in ways that connect us. We’re not out to make converts, or change anyone, simply to let people know that we see others as no different to ourselves,  and truly value who they are just as they are. It’s a big message so no wonder it’s scary.


    This is my Pride piece. I hope you enjoy it:


    PRIDE is the ability to hold your head up high. It’s a movement of the heart, a healthy ego expressing itself, an acknowledgement of worth that springs from within. It should be developed by the family, a part of growing up in a community that supports and nourishes you. Yet often it is starved and beaten down. Feeling the need to conform to some other image the true self hides behind a facade, feeling unworthy and rejected. There is no opportunity for pride, just an inwardly focused prejudice that gnaws away at your identity each and every day.


    PRIDE is the awakening of self. It is a family of choice acknowledging its own. It is a wider community accepting and supporting. The soul is nourished and lifted up. There is no need to conform, just an invitation to celebrate. From inner hues of grey to a rainbow of colour, the self expands and comes to understand the eternal truth; that it is perfect just the way it is. In confidence it stretches out, flexes its wings, and flies.


    PRIDE is then a new way of viewing things, seeing the world from above instead of below. It is to know that you have a place in it, an essential role to play, regardless of the short-sightedness of those on the ground. It is to see the world as a place of good and bad, light and shadow; of colours – not settled into the rainbow aloof from creation, but in the midst of the world waiting to be revealed. It is to see those colours when others cannot, to point at them in the hope that others will open their eyes. It is Grace.


    PRIDE is knowing that you are a work in progress, that even as a butterfly there is still a journey to take. It is knowing that your sexuality is a gift given you, and that you need to work with it so that it can enrich your life and the life of others. It is knowing that gender is a fluid state and even if your own seems static that for others it is in motion, often defying labels in its form. It is faith in action – the journey, and perhaps a destination, that can only be self defined.


    PRIDE is knowing that although yesterday may have been written by another’s hand that tomorrow is yours. It is the blank slate upon which you write the pages that you want, the magical unfolding of the story of your heart. It is whatever you want it to be, an expression of character and the bright flame of your creative Spirit. Obstacles may bar your way but the wings of the butterfly have strength and you simply fly around them. You see yourself the way you truly are, reflected in a landscape that cannot help but mirror your power, and the world is changed. Such is the power of PRIDE.



    Monday (Every Monday) 7:00pm – 9:00pm Young adults group at Andrew and Sj’s home in Newhaven. For more details speak to Pastoral Support team member Andrew Ramage on 07905 537618

    Tuesday July 15th   Worship   7:00pm. The Artist’s Way  7:30pm – 8:30pm. Explore your creative side in this intensive and deeply spiritual course.Please read chapter 11 in preparation.

    August 23rd, Picnic with pet blessing at Stanmore Park, (arranged by Julie).

    September 13th. Meditation and Prayer afternoon (arranged by Andrew at Andrew and Sj’s home)