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    Open my eyes and ears

    Lord Jesus,

    I ask you to open my eyes,

    As you did with the blind man,

    So that I may really see.

    Tune my ears,

    As you did with the man who was deaf and dumb,

    So that I may really hear,

    What you are saying to me.

    May the many experiences of my senses,

    Remind me to be aware of others,

    And of all that is around me.

    May all that I experience,

    Lead me closer to you.



    The young(ish) adults group will be meeting on Monday 29th Sep. at the Starbucks by Churchill Square at 7:30pm

    Thursday 2nd Oct. we go to The Terrence Higgins Trust in Ship Street to help them prepare safe sex packs from 7pm-9pm. All usually have a great time there chatting with other volunteers and all are welcome.

    The ‘Tuesday Group’ will be starting again on the 7th Oct. and we will be meeting in Unit 23 of the Hove Industrial Estate again.

    The Rev Elder Darlene Garner will be visiting us on Sunday 2st Nov. She will also be available for appointments with people on the morning of Friday 31st Oct. and the afternoon of Saturday 1st Nov. If you would like to meet privately with her please get in touch with S-J to make an appointment.