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On Saturday 23rd July we joined with The Village MCC and provided an Interfaith Space at TransPride.


It was a great afternoon. I met some awesome people (see above) who were full of joy, fun and a true community spirit that lifted the whole afternoon from being just another festival in a park to a true community event that is growing stronger by the year.


We had a great spot under the trees with lots of space to sit and relax. Michael Hydes from The Village did card readings from a "Jesus Deck" which proved to bevery popular, as did the sweets we gave away. We touched base with B-Town Brawlers Roller Derby team, had discussions with the Sex Workers about their campaign, chatted with our friends at Opening Doors London and I had a long, interesting chat with a couple of people involved with "Twilight People" which is an incredible project.


I wish i could remember all of the people we spoke to, all of the great projects and organisations we connected with but sadly my memory is not that great and there were so many. All i can say is that it was nothing short of awe-inspiring to see so many fabulous people in one place, at one time with one united purpose.


A huge thank you to the organisers for allowing us to be a part of this incredible experience and a special thank you to all of those lovely people who came, spoke to us and made us feel so very welcome.


I can't wait to see what happens next year.


Andrew Ramage




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Bible Cafe is on it's summer break until 4th August.


August (5-7th) we have the Brighton Pride weekend. During which we will be marching in the parade, staffing a stall in the park and having an open-air service.


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