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COVID-19 Update

Wednesday 3rd June, 2020


Over the past 10 weeks, we, like everyone else, have been forced to move our activities into cyberspace. It has been a huge learning curve for many of us. However, as restrictions have eased, we have been speaking with members of the Street Community at The Level and the overwhelming feeling is that they need us to return. The safe, non-judgemental place for them to receive advice, support, coffee, and social interaction is needed now more than ever. For some our services had become an essential part of their self-care and they have suffered since the restrictions began.


As a nation we are entering a new phase of living with COVID-19, one that recognises the risks of the virus but also acknowledges the impact of lockdown and isolation on our most vulnerable communities. So, on Sunday 7th June 2020, MCC Brighton will be at our usual place in The Level, between 5-7pm, providing music, food, drinks, and support to the street community in our city.


We recognise that restarting outreach work carries with it a risk of increased gatherings and interactions. However,  we have chosen to restart our work at The Level to reduce the risks of attracting additional people, and we have introduced new ways of doing things, in line with current guidelines to protect our volunteers and those attending, and to reduce these risks as much as is possible.


We also recognise that for some of our members, attending or supporting this work is too great a personal risk at this time. We will therefore be continuing our online worship and bible studies.


I believe that, with the current uncertainties facing the

Street Community, now is the time we are needed most.


Pastor Andrew Ramage

MCC Brighton


Where possible we will continue our other meetings online, please contact us for details-

          Board Meetings,

          Sunday service worship planning.


Pastor Andrew is also available for pastoral support and prayer requests.

          Please contact him on 07905 537618




We are still fully committed to being at the very heart of our community.


Inclusion with no priorities



MCC Brighton does not put one group ahead of another, we truly believe that God's love is for everyone. We believe in meeting people where they are and so we take church to the streets and cafes of Brighton, Hove and beyond!



On Friday 23rd November we launched STREET CHURCH HASTINGS! This is part of our outreach into the Hastings area. If you are interested in keeping up to date on our progress, and being involved in further discussions, please click here.




MCC Brighton has served and supported the community of Brighton and Hove since 2002. To us community means everyone, if we exclude even a single person then it is not a true community.


On Wednesday 6th March 2019, Pastor Andrew led a service of remembrance for Alfie Crickett who we had previously baptised as part of our Street Church Ministry, click here for the video from Wednesday 2nd of May, 2018. After a battle with cancer he died at home on Thursday 21st of February.


Pastor Andrew also took part in a vigil giving tribute to Andrew O'Connell, a rough sleeper who was visiting Brighton when he died after being attacked in the Pavilion Gardens. The vigil took place on Sunday 19th August. Click here for the Argus' article.




Community Office

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Pastoral Availability

Pastor Andrew is not available on Mondays, please do not call or email him. In case of emergency please contact Philip.



Bible Cafe - Takeaway7pm

An informal and friendly Bible study, all opinions welcome! Click here to log in, or contact Philip for telephone dial-in details.



The Hub

Our attendance is currently suspended.


Street Church,

Street Church is currently suspended.



Pastor's Community Office,

Our attendance at Alcampo Lounge is currently suspended. Contact Andrew for support.



Street Church Hastings,

Street Church is currently suspended.


Worship Service, 7pm

Click here to log in.



Street Church, The Level, Lewes/Union Road, 5pm-7pm

Informal worship & communion for everyone. 



If you are interested in any of these activities, or just want to find out more please contact us.


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