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New Year, New Thinking?


We are still in the early stages of 2017 and yet things are changing rapidly, but I want to pause for a moment and just think.


Not easy to find the time to do that, Pause and Think, or just be, is it? After all, life tends to keep getting in the way. More demands on our time, more events, more happenings, more news and more level on candy crush etc, all in all our time gets very quickly gobbled up.


Still, i want us all to take a few moments, take a few deep breaths and just open ourselves up to the possibilities of this new year. What could we achieve? What do we want to do? How do we want this year to be remembered? What can or should we do differently from previous years?


All good questions but each of us must find those answers in our own hearts. I for one want to think differently this year, i want to concentrate on community, togetherness, unity and actively look for ways to connect with other groups, other churches, other faiths to see what can be achieved if we all actually work together. Not an easy task and maybe i am just being overly optimistic, but i keep thinking of that saying from America "Go Big or Go Home". Dare to dream the big dream, we may not achieve the absolute pinnacle of that dream but just in trying, just in having that as a focus, I truly believe we will make a huge difference to the world around us.


So how will you remember 2017?


Will it blend into the mix of previous years, of old habits and old behaviours, the year you went home to old thinking or will it stand out as the year you started to Think Differently, the year YOU went big?


For me 2017 is going to be the year of Going Big and if i trust in God, if i truly follow that voice inside, I don't think i will be going home.


Andrew Ramage


What's Happening!

19-02-2017 - Worship

at The Brighthelm Centre. Starting at 6pm.


21-02-2017 - ASA Drop in advice clinic for the homeless, 0930-1230 at Dorset Gardens Methodist Church.


22-02-2017 - The Hub, 0800-1400 at Park Crescent.


23-02-2017 - Bible Cafe  starting at 7pm in the Alcampo Lounge, London Road, Brighton.


24-02-2017 - Lunch Positive, lunch club at Dorset Gardens, 12-4.


26-02-2017 - Worship at the Brighthelm Centre. Service starts at 6pm.



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