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Welcome to MCC Brighton

MCC Brighton is a fully inclusive church that has changed how people view church.


We do not have a building, everything we do is done outdoors, in public areas, using two large gazebos and a great deal of ingenuity.


We work with the Street Community of Brighton and Hove, as well as fully being a part of the LGBT community in the city.


Our main focus is on “Living Faith”, following the example set by Jesus Christ we reach out to people on the edges of society and do whatever we can to make their lives better.


As a church we offer worship services that are open to people from all walks of life, all faith journeys or none. But we do not just offer spiritual support, we also offer practical support:


We have a food ministry in partnership with local businesses


We hand out useful items, equipment, clothes


We are always available to talk about anything and everything


we support those who come to us in whatever ways we can.


Following recent events we have become quite used to offering online support and connection, from Pastoral Care to lively discussions about the bible and it’s meanings, we seek to be available for anyone looking for a safe place to discuss and explore Faith, Spirituality, Religion and how real life interacts with them.


We are fully inclusive and embrace the rich diversity of life here in Brighton and Hove. All are welcome to join us for worship on Sundays at The Level or at any of our other activities.



Pastor Andrew Ramage

MCC Brighton


Where possible we will continue our other meetings online, please contact us for details-

          Board Meetings,

          Sunday service worship planning.


Pastor Andrew is also available for pastoral support and prayer requests.

          Please contact him on 07905 537618




We are committed to being at the very heart of our community.

Community Office

What's Happening!


Pastoral Availability

Pastor Andrew is not available on Mondays, please do not call or email him. In case of emergency please contact Philip.



Bible Cafe - Takeaway7pm

An informal and friendly Bible study, all opinions welcome! Click here to log in, or contact Philip for telephone dial-in details.



Street Church,

Street Church is currently suspended.



Pastor's Community Office,

Our Community Office is now by appointment only, contact Andrew for support.



Street Church Hastings,

Street Church is currently suspended.



Worship, The Level, Lewes/Union Road, and online 5pm-6pm


Informal worship & communion for everyone.

Click HERE to log in.



If you are interested in any of these activities, or just want to find out more please contact us.


In Partnership with:


Prayer requests may be sent to:



Contact us today!

If you have any queries please contact us:

We currently meet online for worship, at Worship

and in person at the Level every Sunday from 5pm to 6pm.


We will be online before worship for conversation, socialising and discussions. Please feel free to log in from from 4:45pm onward.

Get social with us.

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