Inclusion with no priorities!

Some questions we have been asked

  • Who are we? We are a community that seeks to follow the teachings and ideals of Jesus Christ and make them relevant to our daily lives.
  • What sort of people come? We have a wide range of ages, backgrounds and beliefs. Our attendees are open, welcoming and great fun.
  • What is worship like? Worship is fun, lively, spirit-filled and contains a mix of music styles.It lasts approximately 1 hour and includes a reading, a sermon, prayers and communion interspersed with six songs.
  • Why worship? We worship both because we enjoy it but also because it strengthens and unites us in God.
  • What else do we do? We help support local projects in Brighton by volunteering, we hold a midweek group which looks at relevant questions on spirituality, morality and sexuality and we enjoy meeting together socially for food and conversation.
  • How can I get involved? We not only currently support a number of great projects but we are actively looking to be a part of new projects in our community. Getting involved is easy, just email us and let us know what you are interested in doing, whether it is working with the elderly, the young, the socially isolated, or if you would just like to come along and see how we are church.
  • I don’t live in Brighton or Hastings? Not being local isn’t a problem. Where possible, we have a dial-in option for our meetings, and we also use social media to keep connected with people outside of our immediate area. So, get in touch.
  • What are the extra colours on the rainbow? The extra colours denote the full spectrum of sexuality, we do not limit it to just LGBT, we embrace the full spectrum including Hetero, Pan, A, intersex and GNC.
  • What does LGBT+ mean? The plus denotes that there are more than just LGBT people in Brighton, Hove, and East Sussex and we welcome people however they identify.
  • What does “Inclusive with no priorities” mean? This means that we include everyone equally, we do not put one group above or before another, we are all equal.
  • Why meet at the Level? We chose Level because it is bright, open, and vibrant with life, and we felt that we should be at the very heart of our community.
  • How can I find out more? Finding out more is easy, you can email us at, contact us from the website, reach out on Facebook or even just turn up and talk to us at the Level, every Sunday from 5.45-7.30pm.
  • Who can I talk to? If you want to talk to someone confidentially, or to just test the water then please email as he deals with our pastoral support.

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We currently meet online for Worship every Sunday from 5pm to 6pm.


We will be online before worship for conversation, socialising and discussions. Please feel free to log in from from 4:45pm onward.

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